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......@@ -8,7 +8,16 @@ This project is a collaboration between
and [Certisgn](
and is funded by [UEFISCDI](
under the grant scheme
[Experimental Demonstrative Project](
[Experimental Demonstrative Project](
- Contract number: 285PED
- Project title: Increasing the security of mobile communications through multichannel key exchange
- Project coordinator: University Politehnica Bucharest
- Principal Investigator: Dr. Marios O. choudary
- Total public budget: 599812 RON
- Partners: Certsign SA Romania
- Main project objectives: The integration of the SMKEX secure key exchange protocol, developed within the University Politehnica of Bucharest recently, within the mobile application Trust4Mobile developed by the company CertSIGN.
- Project duration: 24 months (August 2020 - August 2022)
- Main contact: Dr. Marios O. Choudary (
The execution of the project was done in three stages:
......@@ -47,6 +56,10 @@ Below is an image showing the architecture of the Android client:
Furthermore, the frontend component of the application was also modified by adding in the
graphical interface a new option for using the SMKEX protocol after user registration.
Below there are two images showing the Android Trust4Mobile client integrating SMKEX:
![Android Trust4Mobile-SMKEX Integration 1](img/smkex_t4m_p1.png "Android Trust4Mobile-SMKEX integration 1")
![Android Trust4Mobile-SMKEX Integration 1](img/smkex_t4m_p2.png "Android Trust4Mobile-SMKEX integration 2")
## What's end-to-end encryption
By end-to-end encryption we refer to the applications/protocols that
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